“creative process that sets in motion”

At Tell NP, we believe that co-development is a good way to create communities of interests based on real life issues or situations that professionals can encounter in their careers.

We are convinced that "sharing is caring" has never been as true as nowadays

The first session dedicated to HR professionals IN FRENCH starts the 14th of December 2020 
Registration before the 1st of December per email to our facilitator,

Véronique Blanc-Brude (Poulet)


- Peers Interactions, Develop Communication skills

- Gain Clarity & Confidence

- Through collective intelligence, find answers to questions / situations experienced in the professional context.


Proposal of a lived situation, topical and involving personally. It can be a Problem, a Concern or a Project.


1. Each member proposes a situation for the session. Only one is picked by the group

2. Presentation of the subject by the member


3. Clarification

4. Consultation: The other members (the consultants) react and advise. 

5. The "Client" of the session draws up an action plan

6. Summary


- Peer group of 6 participants maximum

- Online sessions of 2 hours via Google meet except the last (depending on health context and latest regulations)


· 1st free discovery session


· Full-cycle commitment


- 1st cycle: 14/02 - 11/01 - 01/02 - 22/02 - 15/03 and 05/04


· Launch Offer: Total cost excluding VAT: CHF 1075 instead of CHF 1625

Véronique Blanc-Brude

Facilitator in co-development


With a hybrid HR / Business Development profile and trained in Change management, I worked for nearly 20 years in different sectors of activity contributing to the empowerment of actors. From one country, from one sector to another, I have navigated between strategic vision and operational implementation. As a true "transformative agent", I have helped to increase the rate of project implementation by spreading a culture of innovation and fostering the desire to change. Permanent learner and after a first part of my career, I changed my posture and started a "second life" as a PhD student for the next 3 years in the doctoral schools of IAE and the Polytechnic of Grenoble (France ). Immersed in different industries, I will study hyper-competitiveness and how to initiate digital transformation by relying on new socio-technical approaches. 


(Thesis title: Humans, keystone of Industry 4.0: a framework common for HRM and Industrial Engineering on the digitization of factories).

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