Entrepreneurship is one among many new destinations that can be chosen during a career transition. 


As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we've built a methodology and specific tools to help our participants assess and start their own journey as entrepreneurs. 

We believe that there are many ways of becoming Entrepreneurs. From setting-up a company to becoming a freelancer, a consultant or a "slasher" (which means having several jobs at the same time), we focus on supporting our participants in their self-assessment, project assessment, preparation and to take action towards this new destination.


In our experience, almost 20% of our participants thought about becoming an Entrepreneur. And this number should rise in the upcoming years as part of the evolution of the Employment market in Western Countries. We make sure that our participants are fully aware of their strengths and weaknesses before becoming entrepreneurs. We support them and we challenge them. 


Meet our coaches

Guillaume Stollsteiner

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Former recruiter, multi-entrepreneur & network development expert

Lynda Heffernan

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Founder of A Kaizen Mind & Entrepreneurship coach

Frédéric Blanc

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Executive, career transition expert & entrepreneurship coach, Zürich

Melitta Campbell

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Business coach & Entrepreneurship coach

Dan Noel

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Multi-entrepreneur & Startup / entrepreneurship coach

Taissa Chaves

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Career transition expert & Entrepreneurship coach


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