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Tellnspread has partnered with Tell NP Advisers to add value to its Outplacement Services in Switzerland

Our partnership with Hipshares allows our participants who needs to develop a website, e-commerce platform or mobile application to have a special Tell NP discount on their devs

Participants to our outplacement programmes in Lausanne can access the Impact Hub Lausanne co-working spaces, their workshops, network events...

In a transition journey, improving interpersonal skills can be a huge asset! Cegos training booklets are available in our office and we help our participants choose the trainings they need

You are a start-up? Apply to Mentors' Lab!

Skills sharing platform for our participants and everyone else. 

Start-ups: our participants can help you 4 to 5 hours per week in a kind of mentoring mutual agreement. They can help you on very wide subjects such as Marketing, Sales, Communication, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Finance...

For our participants: They can add a new professional experience on their CVs, Linkedin profile and also discover new work environments...

Let us know your needs through the form below and we will share your needs with our participants. They will get in touch with you directly. 

Our participants have a 15h/months access to the Voisins Coworking spaces in Geneva (3 offices) and to the workshops / network / Forum provided by Voisins. 

Our participants who wants to launch their companies can receive help from Eversheds Sutherlands when it comes to company's status and creation. 

If you need accounting or tax services for your company we redirect our participants to our own accounting firm, Bonnefous & Cie, in the Geneva city center

Watt law can give our participants advices in terms of ORP relationships, unemployment office, etc...Contact

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