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“I want to become an entrepreneur, but I have no business idea, can you help me?”

Sure, I’ll give you a couple of ideas and then you can choose one of them…

Joke apart, it happens a lot that people ask if we can help them to find THE business idea that will make them successful.

A couple of years ago, I would have told them: “Find your own idea, come back to me when you’ve found it and then, I might be able to help you”.

I have a different state of mind and approach now…

More and more entrepreneurs want to become entrepreneurs not only because they need more flexibility and more purpose in their jobs, but also because they become more aware about the evolution of the employment market, especially in Western countries.

Many companies are creating Shared Service Centers all around the globe and the competition even for local jobs has become global. One of the answers to these statements is: if you don’t find a job, then create your own job.

I don’t believe that some people are made to become entrepreneurs and others aren’t. I do believe that becoming the founder of the NewGen Tech unicorn is not made for everyone, but is that really what makes a successful entrepreneur?

Mentalities are evolving, not only on the “employees’” side, but also on the corporates’ side. Isn’t it the reason why so many freelancing platforms are growing these last years, connecting freelancers with companies for specific assignments and short terms tasks?

You don’t need to build a company to become an entrepreneur. Freelancing, consulting, slashing are all different ways of becoming an entrepreneur. And they don’t all fit with setting-up a company or with becoming the new market leader of an industry…

People need to be aware of their strengths and they must understand which skills are transferable and reusable in a new context. But more importantly they need to be conscious about their weaknesses and be creative in their ways to overcome these weaknesses, because there are solutions to every problem.

So if you're thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, go for it! And never forget that there are different ways of becoming an entrepreneur, just find the one that will help you to be successful and happy in what you do!

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