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Tips to Enhance Your Career: How to justify a long period of inactivity?

The resume and job interview are crucial opportunities to highlight your professional background. However, how do you approach and highlight periods of inactivity that may punctuate your career? This article explores strategies for presenting these moments in a constructive and convincing manner to recruiters.

  1. Mention it on your CV: Transparency is key. The CV can include a brief explanation of the reasons for a prolonged absence, possibly accompanied by skills developed during this period. However, avoid delving into private reasons and be precise in your professional explanations.

  2. Discuss your efforts: When facing the recruiter, adopt simplicity, transparency, and optimism. Explain your periods of inactivity in a concise and professional manner. Avoid personal details, stay positive, and transform this time into an opportunity for learning or preparation for the future.

  3. Address Personal Reasons: If there are personal reasons behind your period of inactivity, be honest without going into intimate details. State the reasons quickly, professionally, and emphasize how you overcame obstacles to return with a positive outlook.

  4. Stay active even without employment: Prove that inactivity does not mean a lack of effort. Invest in extracurricular activities, such as volunteering, personal projects, training, or involvement in associations. These experiences demonstrate your commitment, transferable skills, and your ability to stay active even in challenging times.

  5. Tell a positive story: When discussing your periods of inactivity, tell a positive story. Emphasize the lessons learned, the skills acquired, and how it contributed to your professional growth. Show that every experience, even the challenging moments, has contributed to shaping your unique career path.


Every professional journey is marked by ups and downs. At TnP, we understand the significance of these challenges. If you are seeking personalized advice to enhance your professional path or if you need support, feel free to contact us.

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