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Entrepreneurship is one among many new destinations that can be chosen during a career transition.  


As Entrepreneurs ourselves, we've built a methodology and specific tools to help our participants assess and start their own journey as entrepreneurs. We believe that there are many ways of becoming Entrepreneurs.


From setting-up a company to becoming a freelancer, a consultant or a "slasher" (someone having several jobs at the same time), we focus on supporting our participants in their self-assessment, project assessment, preparation and to take action towards this new destination.

Get in touch with us to discuss what we can do for you!

In our experience, almost 15% of our participants have thought about becoming an Entrepreneur. And this number is expected to rise in the upcoming years as part of the evolution of the job market in Western countries.

A Team of entrepreneurs dedicated to your project.
Dedicated entrepreneurship Experts.
Freelancers, consultants and entrepreneur already assessed & coached.
Steps. One for your project validation, the other for the project set-up

We have developed a complete program for entrepreneurs. Ask us for our detailed programs

Innovative Mindsets
  • Full access to our XXL network 

  • Digital experts

  • Mentors’ Lab: collaborate with Mentors

  • Coworking spaces

  • Regular workshops with external speakers

A Fully Personalised Approach
  • Design & own your personalised program

  • Adapted to your objectives & schedule

  • Genuine “human to human” relationship

  • One main contact

A Proven Methodology

A rigorous model to:

  • Assess your project

  • Prepare to launch

  • Safely arrive at your project release



  • individual sessions dedicated to your personal assessment and to your project definition and preparation.

  • 1 hour one-to-one session per week (or 2h every two weeks)

  • Attend collective workshops.

  • If you decide to move-on with your project, from 12 to 36  more individual sessions to effectively launch your project.

  • Access to your coworking space either a day per week or two half days per week.

  • Reach out to your coach in between.

Meet Our Coaches

Melitta Campbell

Lausanne / Riviera

English / French

Melitta is a business coach with more than 25 years working in communication, marketing, business strategy and leadership. She has a particularly wide experience in Client Experience Design, Public Speaking & Presentation skills as well as in Marketing & Communication.

  • LinkedIn
Dan Noel


French / English

Dan has always been fascinated with Entrepreneurship and people who decide to create their future. In more than 10 years, he has trained/coached and mentored a very high number of entrepreneurs and projects of all types & domains (from craftsmen to high technology startups).

  • LinkedIn
Anita Belitz Krasniqi


English / French

Anita is a certified NLP coach and have helped countless entrepreneurs on areas such as communications, pitching, business ideas exploration and development. She has a particularly wide experience in skills assessment, growth strategy, networking and partnership strategy

  • LinkedIn
Photo Guillaume_edited.jpg
Guillaume Stollsteiner

Geneva / Lausanne

French / English

As a multi-entrepreneur and founder of Tell NP, Guillaume has coached dismissed employees with this Entrepreneurship program over the last years. He has a particularly wide experience in network development and generating / improving business ideas.

  • LinkedIn
Vindou Duc

Lausanne / Neuchâtel

French / English

Vindou has an extensive HR executive and consulting background. She has been a Mentor to entrepreneurial projects for the last 5 years. She has a particularly wide experience as a certified coach and helps entrepreneurs better calibrate their projects

  • LinkedIn
fredbw10 (Copier).jpg
Frédéric Blanc

Lausanne / Zürich

French / English / German

Frédéric has a wide experience as a Sales & Marketing executive before starting to coach & advise job entrepreneurs in launching their own businesses. He has a particularly wide experience in Business Development and Business Plans / Canvas.

  • LinkedIn
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