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T&P's Transition Services offer several benefits to HR professionals looking to provide support to their employees during a career transition.


Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each employee, providing customized support to help them find new job opportunities, start their own businesses, or pursue other career goals. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the local job market and can provide valuable guidance and support to employees as they navigate their career transition.


Additionally, our program emphasizes a positive and proactive approach to career transitions, helping employees to view their departure as an opportunity for growth and development. T&P was one of the first (if not the first) HR Consulting firm in Switzerland to develop a specific program for entrepreneurs to be. 



Rather than dwelling on the negative aspects of a departure, we prefer to focus on the exciting opportunities that lie ahead. That's why we use phrases like "Your New Destination," "Your New Project," and "Your New Life" to help our clients see their transition as a fresh start and a chance to pursue new opportunities.


HR professionals should offer outplacement programs to their employees for several reasons, including: 

  • Protecting company reputation: Offering outplacement services demonstrates that the company values its employees and is committed to supporting them even during a difficult time. This can help protect the company's reputation and maintain positive relationships with former employees.

  • Supporting employees' career transition: Outplacement services can help employees to transition to new jobs more quickly and smoothly by providing job search support, career coaching, and networking opportunities.

  • Boosting employee morale: Providing outplacement services can help to boost employee morale and reduce anxiety among remaining staff members, who may be concerned about their own job security.

  • Legal compliance: In some countries, offering outplacement services may be legally required, particularly in cases of large-scale layoffs or terminations.


The employment world is moving fast.
At T&P, we support you to embrace it with success.

Career transitioning, freelancing, slashing, consulting, becoming an entrepreneur...
Whatever your next destination is, T&P experts will be by your side at every step

Outplacement Eng.png
Partner Relocation


T&P's Partner Relocation program is similar to our Outplacement program, but with an emphasis on the local specificities of the job market. This program is designed to assist the partners of employees who are relocating to Switzerland with finding local employment opportunities.

Our team of experts works closely with the partner to identify their skills, experience, and career goals and then provides guidance and support to help them navigate the Swiss job market. This includes assistance with job searching, networking, and navigating cultural differences in the workplace.

The Partner Relocation program is particularly useful for partners who may be unfamiliar with the Swiss job market or who may face language or cultural barriers in their job search. By providing targeted support and guidance, we help partners to overcome these challenges and find meaningful employment opportunities in their new home country.

Overall, the Partner Relocation program is a valuable addition to our Outplacement services, providing an extra level of support to ensure that the entire family is able to successfully navigate the transition to a new location. This program is usually a 3 months program that can be extended. 


Based on our experience, we have found that nearly 15 to 20% of our participants have expressed an interest in entrepreneurship. With the ongoing evolution of the job market in Western countries, we anticipate that this number will continue to rise in the coming years.


At T&P, we recognize that entrepreneurship is just one of many possible career paths that individuals may choose during a career transition.


As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have developed a proven methodology and tools to help our participants assess and embark on their own entrepreneurial journey.


We understand that there are many different paths to entrepreneurship, from starting a company to working as a freelancer or consultant, and we work closely with our participants to support them in their self-assessment, project assessment, and preparation for this new direction. If you're considering a career transition to entrepreneurship, please don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

A Team of entrepreneurs dedicated to your project.
Dedicated entrepreneurship Experts.
Freelancers, consultants and entrepreneur already assessed & coached.
Steps. One for your project validation, the other for the project set-up


  • individual sessions dedicated to your personal assessment and to your project definition and preparation.

  • 1 hour one-to-one session per week (or 2h every two weeks)

  • Attend collective workshops.

  • If you decide to move-on with your project, from 12 to 36  more individual sessions to effectively launch your project.

  • Access to your coworking space either a day per week or two half days per week.

  • Reach out to your coach in between.


Mentors Lab

Mentors' Lab is an innovative platform connecting entrepreneurs with skilled mentors. To create value. ​ If you are an entrepreneur in need for help, register you project / company on our platform and find mentors to help you on several topics and expertise for short term or long term collaboration. ​ If you are an experienced professional willing to share expertise and help entrepreneurs to succeed, register and find entrepreneurs to help


Our partnership with Hipshares allows our participants who needs to develop a website, e-commerce platform or mobile application to have a special Tell NP discount on their devs

Bonnefous & Cie SA

If you need accounting or tax services for your company we redirect our participants to our own accounting firm, Bonnefous & Cie, in the Geneva city center

Impact Hub Lausanne

Participants to our outplacement programmes in Lausanne can access the Impact Hub Lausanne co-working spaces, their workshops, network events...

Voisins Coworking

Our participants have a 15h/months access to the Voisins Coworking spaces in Geneva (3 offices) and to the workshops / network / Forum provided by Voisins.


In a transition journey, improving interpersonal skills can be a huge asset! Cegos training booklets are available in our office and we help our participants choose the trainings they need

Eversheds Sutherlands

Our participants who wants to launch their companies can receive help from Eversheds Sutherlands when it comes to company's status and creation.

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