Ludovic Jaugey

CFO at Fondation Foyer Handicap

Business Meeting


Our Consultants

We are all recruitment experts and passionate about our mission. We know what recruiters are after, not only on the Swiss market but also internationally.  We will help you discover your professional added value, and support you to define, manifest and realize the project that drives you!

Guillaume Stollsteiner

Former Recruiter, Multi-entrepreneur & Network Development Expert

Bruno Hirth

Client Relationship Development and office Manager

Photo Bénédicte_edited_edited.jpg
Bénédicte Verjus

Client Relationship Manager, Customer Centric

Grégoire Deltour

Career evolution Director, Coach, Mindfulness and Stress relief expert

Frédéric Blanc

Executive, career transition expert & entrepreneur coach. Zürich based

Anita Belitz Krasniqi

Career evolution expert, NLP coach, Non-profit / Finance Specialist

Our Advisory Board

Our Advisory board is composed of strong professionals who share their knowledge, advices and experience with our team. We are really thankful to have them on board!

Marie-Isabelle Ghedini 

Entrepreneur / Communication expert

Marie d'Haegeler

Marie d'Haegeler
People Development Director at International SOS

Marie d'Haegeler

Ludovic Jaugey
CEO at Fondation Foyer handicap

Anne Abriat

Anne Abriat
Founder of The Smell & Taste Lab