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Ludovic Jaugey

CFO at Fondation Foyer Handicap

Business Meeting


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At TNP, our team consists of former HR experts who are passionate about our mission. With our extensive experience, we have an in-depth understanding of what the job market is expecting in Switzerland and abroad. Our goal is to help job seekers and entrepreneurs discover their unique professional value and support them in manifesting and realizing their career goals.


In addition, we offer comprehensive support to companies to take care of their employees, foster their growth, and provide customized training, coaching programs, and HR consulting services to help them thrive.

Photo Guillaume Stollsteiner

Guillaume Stollsteiner

Founder of TNP,

Entrepreneurship / Job Search / trainer

Specialties: Network development, job search strategy, entrepreneurship & Career Evolution. 

Languages: French & English

After nearly 10 years of experience in recruitment firms, Guillaume created his first company, Tell NP, a Human Resources consulting firm in 2013. In parallel with this main activity, he developed several web and tech-oriented entrepreneurial ideas (Tellnspread, Mentors' Lab, Joov) and also creates a private primary school.


Passionate about entrepreneurship, Guillaume added the entrepreneurship support activity to TNP in 2017, making him the first (and almost only) career transition player to have a program dedicated to future entrepreneurs.

Photo Cécile Bontoux

Cécile Bontoux

Client Relationship Manager, Career transition coach & trainer

Specialties: Business Development, Career assessment, coaching

Languages: French & English

Cécile has 12 years of experience in the fields of recruitment, HR project management and support.

After starting her career with a Geneva watch brand and spending 2 years in Copenhagen, she worked for an international headhunting firm for 5 years.


Passionate about personal development and career management, she now accompanies people through the different stages of their professional life: definition of a professional project, job search, professional development.

She is trained in the specific support of HIP profiles.

Photo Bénédicte Verjus

Bénédicte Verjus

Client Relationship Manager

Specialties: Developing sustainable and meaningful relationship with clients

Languages: French & English

After many years in the FMGC industry within multinational companies where she acted as a category manager, Bénédicte decided to move to Switzerland and to change industry.


She has experience as a Key Account manager, developing customer relations with business- and HR managers in various Geneva companies.


She is in charge of introducing TNP's offer to new clients in order to provide tailor-made outplacement and coaching services.

Photo Grégoire Deltour

Grégoire Deltour

Senior Career Evolution Consultant,  Certified Coach & Trainer

Specialties: Stress management, burnout prevention, effective communication and career management

Languages: French & English

After 10 years in the field of human resources within Swiss and international structures, Grégoire has lived, for 6 years, from his passion for coaching.


He specializes in supporting people from the business world wishing to develop personally and professionally.


He works with companies that put people at the heart of their concerns.

Photo Anita Belitz-Krasniqi

Anita Belitz-Krasniqi

Senior Career Evolution Consultant & Certified Coach

Specialties: Career development, NLP Neurolinguistic Programming, Entrepreneurship


Languages: English & French

After a 20-year career in Swiss and international financial and banking research management, Anita left the corporate world to become a coach.


She specializes in the alliance of personal life wishes and professional goals to help individuals find happiness at work which also has a positive impact on their private life.

Photo Fanny.jpeg

Fanny Novel

Client Relationship Manager

Specialties: Customer relations / Business development / Client acquisition 

Languages: French

Fanny is passionate about building new relationships with clients and prospects. She is listening to them, to their needs and is excellent in getting their attention by matching our clients needs with our services. 

Fanny is very much looking forward having a first discussion with you in case you are looking for a new HR partner! 


In order for us to always deliver value to our clients, we have selected talented partners who are able to support our clients on different topics, locations. This allows TNP to extend its offer and to assure the same quality of work is provided to our clients. 

Photo Mélanie Thuillard

Mélanie Thuillard

Certified coach & Leadership trainer

 Collective and individual Leadership trainings. 

Specialties: Leadership, emotional intelligence, commitment and relational intelligence

Languages: French & English

After 20 years of career in a multinational where she held various positions as a specialist, manager, project leader and internal coach, Mélanie now devotes herself to her passion for people and how they work.

With her approach that is both innovative and down to earth, naturally jovial and optimistic, Mélanie accompanies managers, employees, people in retraining as well as entrepreneurs in the development of their Leadership.


The 3 pillars of conscious and sustainable leadership are for her the development of her emotional intelligence, her capacity for commitment and her relational intelligence.

Photo Nicolas_edited.jpg

Nicolas Schindelholz

Coach specialized in career management, career transition and career development. Swiss Jura, Neuchâtel & Bienne partner

Specialties: Strengthening of self confidence, balance between private & professional life and career management.

Languages: French & English

With a commercial and HR background, Nicolas has worked in various fields of activity and in various positions of responsibility.

This gives him a 360-degree view of the needs and challenges of our economy. Nicolas has been a specialist coach for 10 years. The human being, their fulfillment, their personal and professional development as well as revealing their full potential has always been the common thread of his career.


He makes it a point of honor to collaborate and bring his expertise to companies that place their employees at the center of their concerns.

Photo Alexandra Zuber

Alexandra Zuber

German & Swiss German certified Coach, representing TNP in the German speaking part of Switzerland

Specialties: Self-leadership, Strengths Analysis, Performance & mindset coach, self-confidence and self-esteem coach

Languages: German, Swiss-Ger & English

After studying business psychology with a focus on training & coaching in 2015, she started her online business as an independent coach in 2018 and initially focused on career coaching and Entrepreneurs coaching.

She continued her education intensively and learned the roles of our subconscious and how we create the basis for success, confident appearance, performance and effective communication by reprogramming it.


The combination of professional coaching methods and working with the subconscious - for example through NLP - created the best and most lasting results in her experience.


TNP also relies on highly skilled professionals to support its growth and to benefit from their wisdom and from their professional experiences in local & international companies.  

Photo Marie-Isabelle Ghedini

Marie-Isabelle Ghedini

Entrepreneur & Communication Expert

Photo Ludovic Jaugey

Ludovic Jaugey

CEO at the Fondation Foyer Handicap

Photo Anne Abriat

Anne Abriat

Entrepreneur, founder of the Smell & Taste Lab

Photo Marie Manin - d'Haeggeler

Marie Manin

Senior Human Resources Business Partner

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