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How to highlight your transferable skills in your application

When you aspire to change sectors or take on a new role, your transferable skills can become your most valuable assets. These skills, acquired in a specific professional context, can be successfully applied in other fields. Here's how to strategically highlight your transferable skills in your application to grab the recruiters' attention and maximize your chances of success.


Incorporate your transferable skills into your CV:

The first step is to fully understand the concept of transferable skills. These encompass both cross-functional skills, which are valuable across the entire business, and transferable skills specific to a profession but applicable in other sectors. For example, data management and CRM tools are cross-functional skills, while the ability to conduct audits, manage inventory, speak multiple languages, or oversee a project are transferable skills. Instead of isolating these skills in a dedicated section of your CV, seamlessly integrate them within your professional experiences. Mention them in an introductory paragraph to set the tone for your application. Feel free to link these skills with concrete achievements you've obtained.

In your cover letter:

Your cover letter provides an opportunity to delve deeper into showcasing your transferable skills. Rather than merely flattering the company, adopt a direct approach. Clearly state your desire for change from the outset and highlight your transferable skills relevant to the desired position. For instance, "My project is supported by the following skills:..." Break down the confines of your profile by emphasizing your adaptability and transferable skills. Describe specific tasks where you demonstrated these skills and explain how they translate to the context of the sought-after position. Moreover, tailor your cover letter based on the company culture: highlight skills that align with its values and needs.

During the interview:

Be specific and present results. During interviews, some recruiters might express skepticism about a candidate coming from a different sector. To counter this, adopt a proactive approach. Present your career change as a challenge you're ready to tackle. Pose relevant questions such as "Is my background compatible with your company's culture?" to engage the recruiter. During the interview, avoid generalities and be specific in your examples. Explain how your transferable skills have already had a positive and quantifiable impact in similar situations. Highlight tangible outcomes like cost savings or teams you've trained. Demonstrate that you understand the company's needs and can actively contribute to its success.


By strategically showcasing your transferable skills, you demonstrate your adaptability and your ability to succeed in diverse environments. These skills are a valuable asset in convincing recruiters that you're the ideal candidate for the position. By following these guidelines, you will stand out in your job search and unlock exciting new opportunities in your career. Need more advice? Feel free to reach out to us for personalized guidance.

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