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The 3 unforgivable mistakes on a CV

Même avec l'essor de LinkedIn et d'autres plateformes professionnelles, le CV reste un élément crucial de votre candidature. Il constitue souvent la première impression que vous laissez aux recruteurs. Cependant, certaines erreurs peuvent rapidement éliminer votre candidature. Voici les trois erreurs considérées comme impardonnables par les recruteurs.


  1. Spelling Mistakes: Spelling mistakes in a CV are often a deal-breaker for most recruiters. Submitting a CV with errors is perceived as a sign of negligence. In the age of online spell checkers, the lack of proofreading is hardly justifiable. Tools like Scribens, Bon Patron, or Cordial allow you to correct your texts online for free and easily.

  2. Messy Presentation: The layout is the first thing a recruiter notices on a CV. If the recruiter can't quickly find essential information, your chances of securing an interview decrease. It's crucial to highlight important information, maintain a clean layout, and use a readable font. The order of presenting information is also crucial. For education and work experiences, opt for a reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent.

  3. Ambiguous Dates: Inconsistent dates are poorly received by recruiters. They can raise doubts, ranging from simple oversight to an attempt to conceal gaps or unpleasant experiences. It's better to justify any gaps directly on the CV by mentioning activities such as skills assessment, observation internship, online training, language travel, or volunteer projects. Moreover, it's essential not to lie about the duration of your past experiences.


Remember that your CV is your professional business card. By avoiding these unforgivable errors, you significantly increase your chances of moving to the next stage of the recruitment process. If you need additional advice on CV writing or other aspects of job searching, feel free to contact us. We are here to help you succeed in your career transition.

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