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Are Recruitment agencies the best way to find a job in Suisse Romande?

Answer n°1:

Most of the time, we encourage our participants not to focus too much on recruitment agencies.

10/15 years ago, lots of recruitment agencies were working exclusively for their clients and therefor had the opportunity to propose out-of-the-box candidates to their clients.

They were trusted by their clients to find the right fit, no matter if the candidate was a perfect copy-paste of the job description or not.

Nowadays several recruitment agencies recruit for the same role and even companies themselves are also looking on their own to fill the open positions.

If recruitment agencies want to be successful, they need to focus on the perfect match for their clients, which limits a lot the risk they are ready to take to introduce candidates who are not a copy-paste of the job description.

If your profile is matching at least 90% of the recruitment agency's job description, then YES, they can be of help.

If your profile is not matching 90% or + of the job requirement, then the answer is NO.

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