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REX RH May 2022: Back to the office, post Covid

COVID has disrupted the way many companies operate, and many are wondering about returning to the office, in a professional world that must adapt to new demands. Tell NP organized a REX (Return of Experience) bringing together several HR from French-speaking Switzerland around this subject, and had the chance to listen to Marina Bianchi Galanti and Maurizio Mistretta express themselves on this theme, who presented what they had been able to put in place in their respective companies.

Below is a summary written by Marina Bianchi Galanti.

Marina Bianchi Galanti
Par Marina Bianchi Galanti, DRH de la banque Piguet Galland & Cie SA

By Marina Bianchi Galanti, HRD of Banque Piguet Galland & Cie SA.

Never like after the COVID crisis have we asked ourselves questions about “normality”. What is now normal, after the confinement phases, massive home office work, national vaccination campaigns?
In times of great upheaval many equate normality with their life before, but today the return to normal simply consists of returning to a relatively stable state of society where our behaviors do not necessarily have to change every two weeks.
It is around the "Return to the post-Covid office" that Tell NP invited us to discuss face-to-face on May 17 during Sushi RH - after two years where we had the impression of becoming a kind of "hikikomoris" - these Japanese teenagers who lock themselves in their room and no longer want to see anyone, but who are connected with the whole world via the screens.
The exchange was rich and nourished by the experiences of each other.
In the work environment, we have debated it, the normality of yesterday is definitely no longer the normality of our daily lives. It is with pleasure that I shared, with my HR peers, the experience lived at Piguet Galland & Cie SA.
Apply a policy of flexible working time, through increased digital developments and standardization of telework, pay particular attention to mobility - by reducing the number of trips and bringing employees closer to their place of residence, thanks to our network of sites in Romandie – supporting Managers in the new experience of managing remote teams, fueling more intense internal communication, in new formats, to maintain links and encourage exchanges between employees: these are some of the actions carried out in our House to make possible the evolution of normality in the office during the post-Covid return.
These meetings represent privileged moments of confrontation and reflection: it is precious to be able to participate in them and thank you to Tell NP for giving us the possibility.

Geneva, the 23rd of June 2022/MBI

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