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We aim to deliver customized and professional services to our corporate clients.

Whether you need Transition services such as Outplacement, Entrepreneurship, Partner Relocation or Performance services such as Trainings, Coaching programs, or Consulting services, our clients appreciate our adaptable and customer-focused approach.

About Us

TNP is a specialized HR consulting firm that offers a comprehensive range of services to support employees and companies in navigating the complexities of the job market and advancing their careers / their organization. We prioritize both Transition and Performance services to assist companies through both challenging and prosperous times.

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Professional transition services, like those provided by T&P, offer support and resources to individuals going through this process, helping them navigate the challenges and successfully transition to a new and fulfilling careers or projects. Outplacement, Entrepreneurship and Partner Relocation are our 3 main services dedicated to Transition

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We aim to help companies develop and optimize their workforce, with a focus on talent development, training, coaching, and HR consulting. We provide customized training programs to improve team performance, offer coaching to support professional growth, and provide ongoing HR consulting services to address various HR-related challenges.